Thursday, January 23, 2020

US Does Not Make The Top Ten Countries For Raising Children

US News and World Report announced its listing of the best countries to raise children.  The US is not among the top ten.  The report names Denmark won the #1 slot, in part to its commitment to human rights. "The country ranked tops for raising children thanks to high rankings in human rights, green living and overall quality of life."  The United States, on the other hand, ranked 17th. 

"The United States performed poorly on rankings of safety, gender equality, human rights, green living, and family-friendly legislation, CNN reports. The U.S. came in 32nd for safety, which heavily impacted its family-friendliness, Deidre McPhillips, the senior data editor at U.S. News & World Report, told CNN. "

"The U.S. hit a record low for trust in 2020, scoring only 16 on the 100 point scale — a 50% drop from its trust rating just five years ago in 2016, according to CNN.  The report also cited increased racial divides, firearm deaths, income disparities, debt, and political polarization as reasons why the U.S. didn’t rank higher."

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