Monday, November 11, 2019

TI and Virginity Tests in the US

By now most know of Rapper TI's disclosure that he attends his daughter's annual gynecology exam so that the doctor can perform a "virginity test" and inform TI of the results.  When his daughter turned 18 the doctor informed TI and his daughter that the doctor could not give TI the results without his daughter's consent.  TI told his daughter to give consent.

But this post is about the US media's coverage of the story.   Every major news outlet led the story with a discussion of the physiology of the hymen, noting that a "virginity" test is a myth.  Then follows a discussion of the tissue that constitutes the hymen and the ways in which it may be torn, and how hymens do not typically cover the entire vagina.  This was the lead part of the story with Fox News, the New York Times, Boston Globe and others.  Are we supposed to focus on TI's error and his lack accurate information on vaginas and hymens? 

The appropriate lead story is "Rapper TI abuses his daughter by demanding that she be virginity tested each year and that he receive the results."  Or "male supremacist believes he has the right to control women's bodies."    Women are property and TI was enforcing his ownership rights.    TI gave no thought to his daughter's autonomy and privacy. And apparently, neither does the US media.

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