Monday, October 14, 2019

International Anti-Semitic Attacks

Yom Kippur in Germany brought an unsuccessful attempt by a heavily armed man to gain entrance to a synagogue.  He was unsuccessful in his attempt to enter the synagogue but killed two men outside.  Police believe the gunman acted alone, shot at the entrance to the synagogue.  He live-streamed the violence where he denounced Jews as the root of all harm, denied the Holocaust and denounced feminism.  Police responded immediately, the live stream video was taken down, and one man is in custody.

This attack is part of the worldwide increase in attacks against Jewish people reminding Americans of the horrible Pittsburgh shooting.  How important it is for the world to keep the memory of the Holocaust and other genocides alive.  Ignorance of these events will lead to more denial - or worse.  

These attackers are hateful and disturbed.  The historically oppressed are the targets.  Religious minorities, particularly Jewish people, women, and people of color, are the likely targets in white-majority nations. 

Countries, and especially the U.S., must honor their minorities.  Whether minorities and women are oppressed reveals the character of the country.  We reflect on this as the U.S. leaves thousands of Kurds to be slaughtered by invading Turks. 

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