Monday, September 30, 2019

Court Blocks Plan to Hold Undocumented Children Indefinitely

Judge Dolly Gee of Los Angeles blocked permanently the Trump administration's plan to detain children indefinitely.  The administration's proposal, which the judge referred to as "Kafkaesque" in parts, would violate the Flores agreement.  Under Flores, children are to be released within twenty days of the initial detainment.  The judge ruled that only Congress can change the terms of the Flores Agreement.  

The New York Times reported "Administration officials said that the effort to allow families to be detained indefinitely was an attempt to avoid having to either separate families or release them while they waited for their cases to be heard. "  Opponents say that the administration's proposal is part of a plan to stop immigration by separating children and treating them cruelly.

This policy has been unsuccessful to date and has done nothing but cause anguish among families and create a generation of children who are traumatized by the loss of their parents and kept in cages that do not permit any significant play and deprive the children of the sensory comforts they need to feel safe and to flourish.

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