Sunday, July 21, 2019

"We Created Border Orphanages"; It's up to us to Close them Down

Here's a tip:  read the essay on "border orphanages" by Boston College Law Prof and immigration expert Kari Hong, here, and consider the actions she recommends.

Writes Hong about the treatment of children at the border, "[i]nstead of the country that helped champion international human rights, we are in the company of Boko Haram, another group that also kidnaps, imprisons and rapes children for political purposes."

She adds: "[U]ntil we have an administration that greets asylum-seekers with the protections promised under our laws instead of calculated cruelty, each and every one of us can take a small daily action to restore the humanity our government policies currently lack."

Small daily actions that Hong identifies include:  contributions to groups challenging human rights violations at the border, pressuring employers and other institutions (airlines, universities, etc.) to reject complicity, and speaking out by attending vigils and protests.

Collective action still matters, and Hong argues, we each can play a part.

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