Monday, July 8, 2019

Something To Cheer About!

Image1With mostly bleak news these days, the US Women's Soccer Team gave us something to be proud of when they won the World Cup this past Sunday in France.  An amazing group of women athletes have become the new role models for millions of American girls.   The team has shown bravery and determination on and off the field.  In March, on International Women's Day, members of the team filed suit against US Soccer for gender discrimination.

According to NPR, "The U.S. Women's National Team, or USWNT, has consistently been more successful than the men's team. The U.S. women have won the World Cup three times (now four) and are four-time Olympic champions. The men's team has never won either tournament and failed to qualify for the 2018 World Cup."

As one example of the many of unequal pay issues,  assuming the men's and women's teams played twenty exhibition games and won them all, the women would earn $99,000 while the men would earn $263,320.00.  Gender differences in pay for the team is prevalent in almost every contract term including travel, the number of games required to play, and the type of training fields provided.

The Men's Soccer Team supports the women's lawsuit including an equal allocation of revenue sharing between the men's and women's teams.  Thank you, men.  A bit late and a lot short. Evidence indicates that the women draw larger audiences and win more games.  So perhaps equal allocation is not so much the issue as equal reward incentives.

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