Thursday, May 30, 2019

Massachusetts Town is First in Nation to Provide Free Menstrual Products in Public Restrooms

Can it really be true, that Brookline, MA is the first municipality in the US to provide free menstrual products in public restrooms?   The historic vote took place at a Town Meeting earlier this week.  Notably, because not everyone who uses menstrual products identifies as female, the products will be available in all public restrooms, regardless of gender.   

Eva Stanley, a local high school student supporting the measure, noted that this "would allow everyone who menstruates the dignity of being able to cope with their period when and where they need to.  It's that simple."  Added Carter Much, another local high school student speaking on behalf of the initiative, "[m]aking menstrual hygiene products free in all of Brookline's public bathrooms treats this totally normal and natural bodily function the way we treat all others.  This is what equity is all about."

Readers, let us know -- is Brookline, MA really the first municipality in the country to take this very basic step that recognizes the human rights of about half of the population? 

The town of  Brookline, population 60,000 estimates that this initiative will cost about $7300 in the first year, with most of that cost being the initial investment in dispensary machines.  Is this cost really prohibitive for other municipalities?

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