Thursday, March 14, 2019

California Freezes Use of Death Penalty

The newly elected governor of California suspended use of the death penalty in that state.  By executive action the Governor will look to end the death penalty in its entirety.  Having executed 13 people since the death penalty was approved by voters in 1978, no one has been executed since 2006 while over 900 were sentenced to death.  One judge ruled that forcing prisoners to live on death row for such an extended period is cruel and abusive treatment.  Currently 24 inmates reside on California's death row.

Currently there are 937 people on death row.   The Governor, Gavin Newsome, said that he could not morally allow executions to proceed in the state.  The electrocution equipment is already being dismantled and the Governor is withdrawing the state's lethal objection protocols.

Not all agree with the decision.  Some are preparing a referendum for 2020 while others have quite vocally condemned the move. 

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