Monday, January 28, 2019

Endangering LGBT Individuals- In The US and Abroad

Those who identify as other than straight are increasingly endangered, both within and without the US.  Readers are likely aware that transgender individuals who wish to serve in the military will not receive court relief from the President's proposed ban.  In a recent 5-4 decision, the US Supreme Court opened the way for the administration to ban transgender men and women from enlisting.  Unknown is the impact that the ban will have on currently serving transgender soldiers.  While cases are winding their ways through the lower courts, the high court refused to accelerate hearing on the underlying issues.  But in refusing to continue a stay of the policy  the high court signaled that the court will ultimately approve the ban. 

Last week, the North Dakota Senate once again refused to consider a bill that would protect LGBT individuals from discrimination.  Advocates have been promoting the non-discrimination bill for ten years. 

Internationally, Chechnya continues its purge of LGBT people.  According to the Russian LGBT Network, recently 40 LGBT were detained and two killed.  While Norway called for  a human rights investigation, Russia refused to participate.  In South Korea 1000 anti-gay demonstrators attacked 300 members of the gay pride parade. This is just the latest deliberate policy designed to deny human rights to LGBT residents. 

All to say that anti-LGBT sentiments are accelerating internationally.  Despite marriage equality, it is homophobes who have government support in the US. and elsewhere.

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