Wednesday, October 31, 2018

And Will Blood Be Shed?

President Trump is sending troops to the US – Mexico border. The announcement attempts to resuscitate republican candidates, and stir up his base to vote. Trump once again is focusing on immigration and immigrants as the source of all troubles for the alienated (or alienating) voter. 

Part of his plan is to send 5200 troops to the Mexican border.  By current estimates that is two plus soldiers for each member of the immigrant “caravan”.  And what are the troops to do?  Simply stand in a line so that refugees cannot pass?  Not assist as children become dehydrated?  Watch the travelers starve? Are trained soldiers expected to use violence if any of the migrants attempt to breach the border?  What is our action plan if that should happen?

If we had a President looking for solutions, not drama, why not send the troops to Honduras where they could restore safe living conditions and people would not need to leave their home country. But it is the drama our President seeks. 

Then the President announced that he will eliminate birthright citizenship by executive order.   Experts cite a long line of constitutional cases that prohibit such an action.  But as we have learned, we can no longer rely upon traditional avenues to protect us from radicalism.

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