Sunday, October 7, 2018

MacArthur Foundation Recognizes Human Rights Innovators

Last week, the MacArthur Foundation announced the group of 2018 MacArthur "genius" grant winners.  Most of the Fellows are engaged in social justice work.  For example, sociologist Rebecca Sandefur develops evidence-based approaches to expanding civil justice for low income people.  MacArthur Fellow Vijay Gupta, founder of the Street Symphony, extends musical enrichment to under-resourced communities in Los Angeles.  

Two of the Fellows are explicitly identified as working on human rights.  Becca Heller is a human rights lawyer and founder of the International Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP), which musters help from law firms and law schools to provide representation in urgent refugee cases.  Gregg Gonsalves, an epidemiologist, works at the intersection of human rights and public health research to address global health inequities.

Kudos to these new Foundation Fellows! 

Just at the time when so many of us are looking for reasons to hope, their accomplishments and vision are inspiring and energizing!

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