Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Youth For Human Rights

Watching youth at protests and advocating for the marginalized gives me great hope.  My experience is that many young, including law students, are awakened to human rights violations whether existing or encroaching, because of the disregard of dignity experienced in the current political and social climate.  While many are empowered to say and do hateful things, many are committed to protecting the marginalized.

Several organizations are devoted to educating youth about human rights.  Youth for Human Rights International was formed in 2001 with a mission of educating youth about human rights and specifically the Universal Declaration of human Rights.  YHRI uses videos for teaching (which may be watched on their website) as well as curricula and youth activities.

YHRI's website has several resources for human rights educators.  A (free) human rights kit is available to educators who teach human rights to youth ages 10 - 17.  A separate kit is available for those who teach youth over age 17.




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