Thursday, August 16, 2018

Comprehensive Analysis of Judge Brett Kavanaugh's Record on Civil Rights and Civil Liberties

The ACLU has published its report on Judge Kavanaugh's record in the area of civil rights and civil liberties.  The report addresses human rights issues from pp. 4-9.  Based on this detailed analysis, the ACLU summarizes Judge Kavanaugh's record as follows:  

"Judge Kavanaugh has a well-developed record in cases involving national security and human rights. That record shows his extreme deference to presidential war power and national security claims, an unwillingness to enforce international law absent express incorporation by the political branches, and a tendency to find obstacles to holding government officials accountable for constitutional and human rights abuses in national security cases."
In short, in this area as well as others, Judge Kavanaugh would push the Supreme Court toward further deference to the executive -- a very troubling situation given the extremely serious -- indeed, democracy-threatening -- charges levied against the current administration that may well come before the Court in the future.

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