Thursday, July 19, 2018

The Trump Effect, Children and The Value of Human Rights Education

Jonathan Todres, returned from his Fulbright semester at University College Cork, has a recent article on the effect of Trump rhetoric on children and their education.  Prof. Todres is a leading human rights advocate with a focus on children and he argues for the necessity (if not urgency) of expanding children's human rights education.  The abstract reads:

"Since launching his presidential campaign, Donald Trump's rhetoric has often been divisive as well as demeaning of selected groups. This article examines the impact of Trump's rhetoric on children and their communities and explores the role that human rights education can play in responding to Trump and forging broader support for human rights. The article reviews the research on human rights education and considers how human rights education can be embedded in broader efforts to educate children. Using children's literature as a case study, the article argues for the importance of mainstreaming human rights education and meeting children where they are, in order to foster greater recognition of and respect for the rights of all individuals."

You may read the full article here.

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