Tuesday, May 22, 2018

US Ambassador to Netherlands Acknowledges His Fake News

In 2015 Pete Hoekstra lied. He said that the Islamic movement was causing chaos in Europe and was responsible for burning politicians and cars in the Netherlands.  Hoekstra acnowledged that this report was fake news.   Now Hoekstra is the US ambassador to the Netherlands and on his first day on the job he did his best to avoid reporters' questions. But members of the press responded "This is the Netherlands, you have to answer questions."  Having repeatedly been asked to retract his 2015 statements, Hoekstra ignored the questions.  A video of the exchange may be watched here.  Hoekstra was born in the Netherlands and in the US became a republican member of congress. Hoekstra wishes to work on strong relations between the Netherlands and the US.  More fake news? 

By contrast, US Ambassador to Panama, John Feely, quit his position, and wrote an op-ed explaining that the president had warped traditional values.  It is unlikely we will see such a denoument in the Netherlands.





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