Thursday, April 5, 2018

New Guggenheim Fellow to Address Race, Guns and Fundamental Rights

First, the good news:  earlier today came the announcement that Carol Anderson, human rights hero, historian, and professor at Emory University, was awarded a prestigious Guggenheim Fellowship to work on a project titled:  "The Second: Race, Guns & A Most Deadly Double-Standard at the Core of Our Fundamental Rights."  Professor Anderson's other works, including the award-winning Eyes Off the Prize and the NY Times Bestseller White Rage, have illuminated issues from Ferguson to voting rights.  It's great news that she will be bringing her insights to the issue of gun violence and race. 

This news caps a week when our blog hosted a symposium on gun violence and human rights, with new entries each day taking on a different slice of the issues.  For readers' convenience, here is a digest of the series, with links:

Contributing editor Jeremiah Ho kicked off the symposium on April 1 with the entry Gun Violence and Human Rights Rhetoric, examining the uses of human rights language on all sides of the gun control issue.

On April 2, Leila Sadat and Madaline George of the Harris World Law Institute addressed the ways in which US gun policies fail to meet international human rights standards in their essay Guns and Human Rights: US Violates International Human Rights Standards.

On April 3, co-editor Margaret Drew blogged about intimate partners ensnared by the impacts of gun violence, in her entry, Expanding the Gun Violence Count: When Victims are Prosecuted for the Crimes of Abusers.

On April 4, Patricia Illingworth wrote about guns and the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights in her blog, Business, Guns, and Human Rights.

This issue will not be going away any time soon.  We hope these essays provide food for thought, and perhaps resources for the classroom, and we look forward to continuing the discussion in the coming months.

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