Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Take Note: Sustainable Development Goals and International Law Symposium, April 6

On April 6, the Wisconsin International Law Journal is hosting what promises to be an important conference focused on "Sustainable Development Goals and International Law: Intersections of Environmental Law, Human Rights and Environmental Justice."  The Journal has assembled an international roster of experts, with a keynote address by Margaret May Macauley, IACHR commissioner.

Here's the overview of the Symposium:

"This symposium seeks to discuss the three pillars of sustainable development as articulated by the global community in the Copenhagen Declaration on Social Development (1995) and endorsed later by the Johannesburg Declaration on Sustainable Development (2002) – environmental protection, economic development and social development and discuss how SDGs intersect with them.  While the first two pillars have received considerable attention by states and scholars alike, the social pillar remains undertheorized.  The social pillar clearly intersects with human rights and environmental justice.  This symposium will discuss the SDGs and the three pillars using the intersection of environmental law, human rights and environmental justice (including climate justice) as the overarching framework."

For more information and to register, follow this link.

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