Thursday, March 8, 2018

Stand for Fulbright!

Several of the contributors to this blog have benefited directly from the Fulbright program.  In fact, our wonderful contributor Jonathan Todres is currently serving as a Fulbright scholar in Ireland.  In a recent reflection on his experiences thus far, Jonathan wrote, "the real gift of a Fulbright is the opportunity to slow down, to read, to make connections, and to reimagine one’s work and all its possible paths."  But as wonderful as Fulbright awards are for the recipient, they are also doing some good downstream.  Fulbright scholars serve as the human face of the U.S. all over the world, extending US diplomatic reach in thousands of small ways.  Further, the Fulbright program runs in both directions, sending hundreds of students to the U.S. every year to enliven our institutions and then return back to their home countries with a host of American friends, experiences and good will.  These kinds of changes are among the things that foster the spread of the human rights message.

The Fulbright program has been in existence for more than 71 years, and it enjoys bipartisan support.

Yet this year, just like last year, the President's proposed budget would decimate this modest but effective program, cutting the Fulbright budget by 71%!  The Fulbright Association is fighting back.  Check out the Stand for Fulbright page, with a list of actions that you can take to help ensure that the Fulbright program continues, from signing a petition to visiting your representatives.  To maximize the impact, the Fulbright Association is asking that we act before March 19.  If you have ever had a Fulbright, or if you're thinking that there might be one in your future, or if your institution has sponsored a Fulbright, or if one of your students has benefited from a Fulbright -- then you know that this highly effective program makes the most of budget. Cuts will simply cut back its effectiveness.  

Please Stand for Fulbright!

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