Sunday, March 25, 2018

After the March, Keep Moving

We are inspired by the peaceful, impactful marches in support of real gun control that took place all over the United States on Saturday.  But for a moment to become a movement, we have to keep moving!

For those who teach, and those who just want to know more, here are some resources on gun violence and gun control from a human rights perspective.

-- The Harris Institute at Washington University- St. Louis, has launched a new initiative on gun violence and human rights.  This page provides links to the Institute's  testimony before the InterAmerican Commission on Human Rights when the Commission reviewed US gun sales and gun violence earlier this year, as well as information about the Institute's upcoming fall 2018 conference on Human Rights Perspectives on Gun Violence in America.

-- In 2016, the UN High Commissioner on Human Rights spoke about gun violence, condemning US policies that fail to restrict easy access to military-style weapons.  The statement is described in the press release here.

-- Human Rights Watch has also been making the case that gun control is a human rights issue, as it did in this 2016 statement.  More recently, HRW called out the scapegoating of mentally ill as a diversion from addressing access to guns.

We hope these resources can help each of you keep the dialogue going and the movement moving!

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