Monday, January 22, 2018

Ongoing Education for Human Rights Advocates

The London School of Economics and Political Science is offering two short intensive courses in early 2018.  The first

course, Law, War and Human Rights will be offered on February 15-16th, 2018.  The website provides the following


Law, War and Human Rights:

Humanitarian law, international criminal law and the law of human rights have many features in common. This course will make the links between these different strands of law and show how they work together and complement each other. It will also show where they are distinct and analyse why it is necessary to acknowledge that the three bodies of law are separate, despite the fact that the three strands work towards many of the same goals.  For full details, click here.   

The second course, International Law in the Cyber Domain, will be offered on March 1-2nd, 2018.  The website indicates:

This course will explore the relationship between different legal regimes – public international law,

international human rights law and international humanitarian law – and show how they work together and

complement each other in the cyber domain.  The final session of the course will require participants to work

on a group exercise involving the application of the law to a series of digital incidents. 

For full details, click here.

Editors Note:  Thank you to International Law Grrls!  for alerting us to these programs.

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