Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Human Rights Hopes from Across the Pond

It is still January, so not too late for New Year's predictions and hopes! 

A few weeks ago, Adam Wagner, the British barrister and human rights blogger, offered these five human rights hopes for 2018. noting that "for the human rights movement to grow, we need to keep an eye on the hope" and not get overly focused on just addressing current threats.

Wagner's Hope #5 is that the "rule of law must remain at the centre of human rights."  Over the past year in the U.S., we've seen that the rule of law may not be as strong as we had imagined.  Wagner observes exactly that phenomenon from his perch in the U.K.  He writes, "[w]e are currently witnessing that lesson in real time in the United States, as the dishonest and potentially corrupt Trump Administration is subjected to independent criminal investigation. 2018 will be a test of how powerful the rule of law is in the strongest of Western democracies. Hopefully it will win out."

An important human rights hope for us all in 2018.


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