Monday, December 25, 2017

Jonathan Brings His Human Rights Research to Ireland

We are excited to announce that, as part of his Fulbright research, Jonathan Todres will be spending the spring semester in Image1Ireland.  Jonathan authored Human Rights in Children's Literature: Imagination and the Narrative of Law.  Jonathan will continue his research in this field while in residence at  University College Cork School of Law. Jonathan's Fulbright will focus on innovative strategies for human rights education and the implementation of children's rights.  Jonathan notes that human rights education in schools reduces bullying and leads children to be better citizens.  Children who learn about human rights have understand the universality of rights and can see these rights beyond application to themselves.  

Jonathan will work with others at University College who share his passion for children's rights.  Jonathan will also meet with scholars througout Ireland who work on chidren's rights and human rights in children's literature.  Jonathan will expand his work on universal children's human rights.  We look forward to checking in with Jonathan as the semester progresses.

Eirinn go Brach!




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