Monday, December 4, 2017

Hypocrisy at NBC

By Margaret Drew

NBC executives should be worried.  Their unwillingness to address sexual harassment is well documented.  Disrespect for women exhibits itself in many forms.  While the degrees of disrespect vary, they are interconnected.  Matt Lauer should have been fired thirty seconds after his "interview" with Hillary Clinton during the last presidential campaign ended.    During that interview, Lauer repeatedly interrupted Ms. Clinton.  He diverted her from the intended topic of the president's role as commander-in-chief by frequently raising the well worn e-mail issue.  When matters turned to issues of military leadership, Lauer reminded Clinton that time was short, attempting to prevent her from  giving a comprehensive answer.  And then Mr. Trump, on the other hand, was unchallenged, even when he made statements that could be easily disproved.  More details of the interview may be seen  here.  NBC failed to discipline Lauer for what most female viewers recognized as misogyny.  Hillary Clinton's turmoil during that interview and her split second decision-making on handling the dilemma is documented in her memoir What Happened.

And was NBC management not listening when Katie Couric revealed in 2012 that Lauer often pinched her on her rear "alot".  That behavior alone was sufficient to fire Lauer.  Then let's not forget that not only did NBC delay in reporting on the Trump/Bush sex videotape, NBC had it in its possession since 2005.

Either of the prior behaviors were adequate to alert NBC execs that there was likely more serious sexual misconduct going on.  But those with the power to stop the abuse refused to investigate. Other actions by NBC  were telling.  The network refused to run a well-documented expose of Harvey Weinstein's sexual offenses written by Ronan Farrow, despite the network's approval of the article as well-documented.  NBC's failure to honor its commitment to Farrow was puzzling, but consistent with the network's refusal to address mysoginy and sexual misconduct in any form.  NBC would have had the scoop on the Weinstein debacle.  The New Yorker ran the article instead.    A more recent New Yorker article refers to NBC's actions post-Lauer as the "Theater of Accountability."

Are NBC execs worried that the next people fired for sexual misconduct will be one of them?

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They have selective vision problems, selective hearing problems, selective amnesia and memory loss. It's funny that NBC said that "The employee who came forward Monday, was the first complaint ever against Lauer." Really? Did they need for someone to come forward to realize what was obviously going on? I say this because everyone on the set on September 2006, could have heard Lauer tell Meredith Vieira, "Keep bending over like that, it's a nice view." Were they all deaf? Maybe if an avalanche of bad press, lawsuits and low ratings follow, they will let go of their selective hearing loss, blindness and memory loss. This should be an eye opener to all other broadcasters, respect women or else.

Posted by: Terry Miguel | Dec 5, 2017 10:12:37 AM

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