Tuesday, August 15, 2017

New Scholarship on Public Opinion and Human Rights

Two new resources are available on public opinion and human rights. 

First, the current issue of the Journal of Human Rights focuses on public opinion polling and human rights.  The articles generally cover the issue from an international perspective, but one of the contributions focuses particularly on the U.S., examining the impact on public opinion of invocations of "genocide" and Holocaust analogies.

Second, a new book by Heping Dong, International Law, Human Rights and Public Opinion, examines States' roles in human rights education.  According to the publishers' blurb, "[t]aking an international law perspective, [this book] primarily deals with two questions: first, whether international law requires States to take an independent stance on human rights issues; second, whether international law encourages States to inform and mobilise public opinion with regard to core human rights standards."





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