Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Destruction Leadership

Mr. Trump is at risk of impeachment, if not indictment.  His advisers, former and current, including family members are at risk. Foreign leaders no longer trust Mr. Trump with confidential information.  In short, we have a narcissist under siege.  As anti-hate rallies are being held across the country, President Trump continues to appeal to the basest levels of human behavior. President Trump would consider the eruption of civil and international war righteous.  

Mr. Trump is neither a clown nor a buffoon.  He is a danger.  His ego is not being fed, other than through weekly cabinet sessions where his minions sprinkle praise upon him.  Lack of ego feeding, combined with resistance to him as a leader, has created conditions that will lead to destruction.  The only question being his or ours.

If Mr. Trump cannot receive what he perceives as a deserved level of adoration, he will do what he can to cause the disruption of civil society.  Disruption, if not destruction, of our society would be appropriate punishment from this narcissist's perspective.

Our governmental leadership parallels pre-war Germany.  Our nation has the opportunity to defeat Trump-fascism. Haters are in the minority.  Organized resistance must happen on the national and local levels and must be strategic and persistent. Subsequent posts will document how resisters are organizing and what tools seem most effective.  We encourage our readers to share their experiences.

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