Wednesday, May 24, 2017

A Literal Attack on the Press

The assault on the press continues.  Last week we posted about a reporter in North Carolina who was arrested after persistently asking  questions about health care to Health Secretary Tom Price.  

Health care seems to be a sensitive topic. On Wednesday, a Guardian reporter was body slammed by a Montana congressional candidate on the eve of the election.  Ben Jacobs reported that having asked the candidate about the Congressional Budget Office's estimates of over twenty million people who would lack health insurance under Trumpcare, candidate Greg Gianforte  slammed the reporter to the floor, breaking his glasses and injuring one of the reporter's elbows.

The lid is off of civil behavior.  The press, those charged with the responsibility to seek truth, are one of the first public casualties.  The Sheriff's office is investigating. The special election is happening now.

Warning:  Reporting can be dangerous to your health.

UPDATE:  On election morning Mr. Gianforte was charged with assault.  Fox News reporters corroborated Mr. Jacob's account of events.

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