Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Suit Against the Torture Psychologists Survives

Earlier, this blog reported on a lawsuit filed against the two psychologists who were paid millions by the US government to develop torture techniques designed to elicit information from terrorists.  As reported, the research and techniques developed resulted in extraordinary human torture with no new significant information obtained from those who were tortured.  Image1More importantly, the design created by the psychologists introduced a heightened level of cruelty into US custodial culture and provided no science-based evidence that the recommended torture techniques are effective.

The lawsuit, Salim v Mitchell, was brought by the ACLU.  Recently, the suit survived a motion to dismiss that was filed on behalf of the defendants.  The case will now proceed to discovery.  This is the first law-suit based on CIA torture that has survived in the courts; but this case names CIA contractors as defendants, and the government to date has not attempted to derail the case. According to the ACLU website, the government intends to cooperate with discovery, but will keep an eye on information it decides will create risks to CIA operatives.

The Plaintiffs have one month to present a discovery schedule to the court.

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