Thursday, March 9, 2017

Standing Up for the Human Right to Health

The National Economic and Social Rights Initiative (NESRI), long-time advocate for the human right to health, has published a succinct analysis of the Republican health care proposal currently pending in Congress.  According to NESRI, the proposal would give $480 billion in tax cuts to the wealthy and to corporations, and would slash Medicaid by $560 billion over the next ten years.  The result, NESRI concludes, would hurt the poor and the sick, single out women for special health care denials, and deepen economic inequity.

Representative Joe Kennedy (D-MA) has been in the thick of the House of Representatives' debate, calling out the flaws apparent in a plan that, among other things, would deny mental health coverage to 1.3 million Americans.  Earlier today, Kennedy wrote this message on his Facebook page: 

"[T]his is about more than mercy, it is about common decency. Because there is nothing more universally human than the stubborn truth that fortunes change. That no one among us is immune to illness or addiction or bad luck or real loss. So we fortify a system of shared protections that are deep and strong enough to catch any brother or sister who falls. Shame on those who take that protection for granted."

And Kennedy says, "Head over to my Facebook page and share if you believe that healthcare is a human right!"

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