Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Actually,Trump May Make America Great Again

There are signs that President Trump is right. He will make America great again.

For the first time in decades, Americans have revived the art of demonstration and protest.  The Women's march brought out an estimated 5 million demonstrators worldwide.  The demonstrations have empowered others to protest.

Since then, there have been daily protests triggered by the President's immigration executive orders. Other actions have been successful.  Women messaged Nordstrom that they would no longer shop at the chain because the store sold Ivanka Trump products. The store announced that it will no longer sell Trump goods due to declining sales. (In further evidence that everything is personal with this president, he tweeted the unfairness of Nordstrom's decision.)

Protesters stopped using Uber because its CEO, Travis Kalanick, agreed to be part of Trump's economic advisory council.  Employees challenged Kalanick, asking what it would take for him to leave the advisory council.  Apparently, it took over 200,000 customers deleting their Uber accounts while New York taxi drivers  advertised Uber's connections to Trump.  Uber drivers, particularly immigrant drivers, made known their unhappiness while Uber's competitor, Lyft, pledged to donate $1,000,000 to the ACLU.

Many Americans are waking up to preserve democracy.   Despite the accepted belief that politicians lie, many are unwilling to accept "alternative facts" and hate mongering.  

More mayors declared sanctuary cities. Governors announced they would challenge the immigration executive orders.

Judges entered temporary restraining orders, barring implementation of Trump's immigration executive orders, the latest one entering a national ban on the travel ban.  

So for now, many Americans have risen to the crisis.  That has made America great again.

Here is the challenge.  Americans have responded to crisis - to the outrageous and the dramatic.  Will they sustain activism when the dramatic subsides and the constitutional threats are more subtle? 





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