Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Gag Rule And Rapid Response

Starting his first full week in the oval office, President Trump took the first step to end all federal funding for Planned Parenthood.

The executive order implements the Global Gag Rule.  Even though the US funding of international health care is not used for abortion, the administration has declared that any organization receiving US funds is prohibited from providing any abortion services, including from discussing abortion as an option for women's health or providing abortion referrals, even if none of the health care information is disseminated using US funds.  The rule, implemented in prior administrations, was not in effect during the Obama years. 

This is step number one in the movement to dismantle Planned Parenthood.  No federal money is used for abortion services in Image1Planned Parenthood's budget.  Indeed, much of Planned Parenthood's work is the provision of non-abortion health services.  But we can look toward Congress to submit legislation that will demand a gag rule on Planned Parenthood, as well.

This will be the next big issue for women to challenge in an organized way.

One suggestion that came out of the marches is for protesters to create a rapid response as events unfold.  So here is one suggestion from my rapid response team: donate $5.00 to the only women's clinic in Mississippi that provides comprehensive reproductive health care.   




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