Wednesday, November 2, 2016

International Transgender Human Rights - Will the US Follow?

The French National Assembly has eased the pathway for transgender individuals who wish to change their names so that the names conform with their gender identity.  The French government eliminated the requirement that medical information be required as a qualification for name change, according to  In 2015, the Parliament Assembly of the Council of Europe passed Resolution 2048 on Discrimination Against Transgender People which expressed concern about the invasion of medical privacy of transgender individuals going through legal processes.  Several countries, such as Malta, Argentina and Canada do not require a legal process for change of name.  Argentina permits individuals to change official records whenever the designated gender is not that with which the individual identifies.  New Zealand permits individuals to elect their gender as M, F, or X for passport purposes.  Despite the fact that many US states permit an individual to change names so long as fraud is not involved, all states require a formal process in order to change the name on one's birth certificate. 

To check out name change document requirements in your state, go to The National Center for Transgender Equality's Document Center.

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