Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Both Clinton and Trump Fail to Respond to Human Rights Questions

As this election season continues to careen toward November 8, the focus on temperament and tweets has supplanted any serious discussion of human rights issues.  The Presidential debate included no mention of Guantanamo, for instance, and the candidates are seldom, if ever, called on to address US ratification of CEDAW or other human rights instruments.  Human Rights Watch circulated a questionnaire to the candidates, with a September 9 deadline.  As of September 26, Jill Stein was the only candidate to submit her answers.  Shouldn't the candidates of the two major parties feel at least a little heat for their failure to respond to HRW?  Kudos to the Green Party for taking human rights seriously as a campaign concern.  For the others -- it's not too late to send in your answers to HRW's questions!


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