Thursday, January 28, 2016

Significant Pro-Choice Victories

The Kansas Appeals Court last week blocked a law that would have placed restrictions upon a woman's right to obtain an abortion.  The decision was split, 7-7, which is determined to support the lower court decision, in this case an analysis that the Kansas state constitution protects a woman's right to abortion.  The 2015 law in question would have outlawed the surgical procedure dilation and evacuation which is considered the most common and the safest abortion procedure for second trimester abortions.

The lower court judge analogized the Kansas constitution with the federal one, stating that both constitutions provide the same protections and that the law created an impermissible obstacle.

Then this week tables were turned on anti-choice activists who had demanded an investigation into Planned Parenthood.  Houston prosecutors had been urged to investigate Planned Parenthood for what anti-choice advocates claimed to be the entities' illegal disposal of fetal tissue.  Part of the evidence the advocates alleged implicated Planned Parenthood, were illegally made videos.  Investigators said that the grand jury considered evidence for over two months.  Rather than indict Planned Parenthood, the jury indicted the two advocates who engaged in the surreptitious film making.    They were indicted on felony charges of  tampering with a governmental record and misdemeanor related to purchasing organs.

Once again, Planned Parenthood is being proactive.  The organization has sued abortion opponents claiming a three year criminal enterprise to target the organization.   The advocates are alleged to have used illegal techniques in attempting to discredit Planned Parenthood.

The new, aggressive policy of suing opponents that harm, or attempt to harm, the organization is a responsible and effective tactic that seeks consequences to those who attempt to defame and dismantle Planned Parenthood.

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