Friday, December 25, 2015

Supporting Human Rights at Home through Charitable Giving

As year end rolls around, make sure that organizations committed to bringing "human rights home" are part of your year-end giving portfolio.  Charitable giving is a widely practiced tradition in the US, and the US ranks favorably compared to other nations in the  number of charitable donations as well as individual donations of time.  Participation rates are high, whether you believe, as one recent survey reported, charitable giving in the US is declining, or whether you credit another survey recent indicating that giving has reached record high levels.  

By giving even small amounts thoughtfully and strategically to US human rights non-profits, individuals can magnify the impact they make on issues that they care about.  Without the core government support that is so often available to domestic non-profits in other countries, US Human Rights groups, from the smallest to the largest, need generous donors.  The tax incentives that accompany charitable giving in the US -- again, something that is often not present in other countries -- makes it even more desirable to affirmatively allocate funds for non-profit donations.  Directing some of your funds to US human rights groups will help ensure that the US keeps its human rights commitments to its own citizens and residents, will enhance the quality of life for all in the US, and will help keep human rights standards high worldwide.

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