Monday, December 28, 2015

Human Rights 2015 Top Five Countdown

What were the big US human rights stories of 2015?  This week, in addition to reporting on breaking US human rights news, we will be looking back over the Human Rights at Home blog entries from the past 12 months that garnered the highest readership.  As we review these top stories, we'll also provide updates. 

Human Rights Countdown: #5

Tied for fifth place are two postings in November.  One of the postings, the Human Cost of the Refugee Backlash, relates current refugee debates to the similar issues arising before and during World War II.  At the time the post was written, several European nations were speaking out against border controls.  Now, however, even Norway and Sweden have imposed border controls, and Germany, with Chancellor Angela Merkel at the helm, is leading European efforts to address the refugee issue in humanitarian terms.  Merkel's singular leadership on the refugee issue was among the factors leading to her designation as the Time Person of the Year for 2015.

The second blog tied for 5th place is Utah and the Dignity Discussion, by Jeremiah Ho.  The blog analyzes several attacks on same-sex relationships through the prism of Justice Kennedy's dignity and animus discussions in Obergefell v. Hodges.  In the wake of this posting, a Utah man filed a federal lawsuit charging that he was discriminated against in his workplace based on his same-sex relationship.  In his post, Ho argues that these incidents provide further opportunities for discussion, organizing and progress on equality. 

In current news -- kudos to Professor Sarah Paoletti and her student team from the Transnational Legal Clinic who recently released a new video, Isolated By Force: Denying Migrant Farmworkers Access to Services.   To view this powerful film, a model for both creative lawyering and innovative teaching, click here.

Come back tomorrow for more news, and to continue the Human Rights Top 5 Countdown with the #4 blog of 2015!

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