Monday, April 6, 2015

Another NY Locality Declares Domestic Violence a Human Rights Violation

As reported on Brenden Kelsey McKim's Post, two more localities have declared freedom from domestic violence to be a fundamental human right.  The city of Ithaca became the 23rd city to do so when it passed its resolution on March 4 of this year.  The city joins Tompkins County, New York in supporting human rights advocates. Since November 2014, five NY localities have joined in passing the human rights resolutions. 

According to the McKim post, students with Cornell Law School’s Global Gender Justice Clinic drafted the City of Ithaca resolution, as well as five other similar resolutions that have been passed by local governments in Tompkins County since Nov. 2014. 

The Clinic partnered with Cornell Law School’s Avon Global Center for Women and Justice and the Advocacy Center of Tompkins County, provider of domestic violence education and survivor support services, to draft and propose the resolutions.

“This resolution really is part of a national movement,” Alexandra Kitson, Cornell law student and member of the Clinic, said. “There are cities and counties all across the country that passed similar resolutions, and we were really proud that Tompkins County was the first rural community to [do so].”

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These developments should be considered in light of recent press regarding the use of international and foreign law in SCOTUS briefs. As the NY Times reported this Monday, citations to international law may be “‘here to stay as a part of constitutional argumentation,’” and it may only be “‘a matter of time before it makes its way back into the court’s reasoning.’”

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