Thursday, April 23, 2015

Not Just Another Human Rights Blog:

From time to time here at Human Rights at Home blog, we've linked to interesting stories on the UK Human Rights Blog, an excellent source of up-to-date UK-focused legal analysis founded in 2010 by barrister Adam Wagner.  Still, as good as UK Human Rights blog is, it's just another legal blog.

Now, that same Adam Wagner has launched a new site,, that aims to "radically change the way that human rights are communicated, and have lots of fun doing it." 

At a time when the conservative U.K. government is threatening to scrap the nation's human rights law and withdraw from the European Court of Human Rights, it's tempting for lawyers to throw more legal arguments into the fray.  But RightsInfo resists that temptation, instead providing "clear, reliable and beautiful human rights information" designed for ordinary (i.e., "non-lawyer") people.   And it is beautiful, with fun graphics, compelling stories and lots of the sorts of "top 7" and "5 best" lists that readers love.

Making human rights beautiful, readable, fun and useful?  I think Adam Wagner and his brilliant creative team are on to something

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