Thursday, March 26, 2015

Human Rights Cities Movement Continues to Expand

The international Human Rights Cities movement continues to take hold in the United States.  Boston, Washington, D.C., and Pittsburgh are among the large cities that have formally endorsed a human rights perspective as a matter of city policy, along with smaller localities such as Carrboro, North Carolina and Eugene, Oregon.

According to the Mountain View Voice, Mountain View, California may be the next to join the movement.   Local advocates on the City Council and the Human Relations Commission are raising the issue before the Mountain View City Council, which will consider a human rights city proposal sometime this year.  As part of the resolution, the city's Human Relations Commission will change its name to the Human Rights Commission. 

For more information, and to learn how Eugene, Oregon is inspiring Mountain View's policymakers, read the article here.

Homelessness, Martha F. Davis | Permalink


Today, many legal gimmicks are being used by the landlord associations not only to creating a bubble real estate to inflate rent for quick profits, but also have become more legal aggressive in the eviction process.
No landlord should be permitted to evict a person without a due process of the law. Especially if a person has resided in his or her apartment for more than 10 years. As matter of fact, that tenant may have acquired a property right! He or she may have paid in rent three times the value of that apartment. In some places of Europe the tenant has the right to own the apartment.
There is no doubt that we in our community are abiding law citizens, but let the landlord associations know that the activists of Mountain View are not for sale, and they will fight them with everything they got for we are humans and they are just a profit machine. Also, let those unethical
Lawyers and law makers without honor and dignity to study the concept of the human rights laws
Of 1948. This law is implies not only same rights printed in the constitution of the United States, but also makes the
“HUMAN RIGHTS LAW AS THE SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND and can invalidate any inhuman property laws used against the poor people. FOR IN AMERICA, WE THE PEOPLE ARE THE LAW!!!!
Indeed, the evictions that are taken places around the country in the name of the law of supply and demand are conflicting with the basic rights of our constitution. Especially with the HUMAN RIGHTS LAW of 1948!

Posted by: John Mario Loria | Jul 8, 2015 11:15:08 AM

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