Monday, November 17, 2014

Upcoming Human Rights Training in Portland, Oregon

By Lauren E. Bartlett

 On December 12, I am participating in a human rights in the U.S. litigation and advocacy training in Portland, Oregon, with the Portland Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild and Prof. Gwynne Skinner.  The training is open to all legal aid attorneys, public defenders, other public interest attorneys, professors, law students, and members of community organizations.   This day-long training will provide practical strategies, sample arguments, and resources to integrate human rights into daily work at the state and local level in the U.S.  5.5 CLE credits are available for Oregon-licensed attorneys and registration is available online.

 This is the most recent human rights training organized by the Local Human Rights Lawyering Project at American University Washington College of Law.  The Project aims to normalize international human rights law at the local level by incorporating the use of the international human rights framework into the everyday work of legal aid attorneys in the U.S.  Last year we held similar trainings with colleagues in New York City, Miami and Irvine.  We have also held a series of webinars on various issues including housing, international child abduction, domestic violence, disability rights and more.  The materials for our past trainings and videos of the webinars are all available for download on our website.   The Project’s Human Rights in the U.S. Handbook for Legal Aid Attorneys  forms the core of our training materials and can also be downloaded from our website.  Since its formal launch in October 2011, the Project has trained more than 1,600 attorneys across the U.S. through in-person meetings and webinars and the Handbook has been distributed to more than 2,000 people.

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