Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The AALS Section on International Human Rights

    The Association of American Law Schools (AALS)'s Section on International Human Rights was founded in 2000, emerging from the first AALS Workshop on Human Rights in 1999.  The Section immediately inspired the publication of a Human Rights Module on crimes against humanity for use in human rights and international law courses.  Since its inception, the Section's activities have expanded, and it now sponsors a number of activities to stimulate and support scholarship on international human rights, including an annual call for papers and special programs during the AALS annual meeting each January.

     The Section also publishes a Newsletter.  Professor Richard Klein, the current Section chair, recently circulated an invitation for Newletter submissions on member activities, including "any news of articles or books that you may have written or that you think would be of general interest for our membership to know about."  In addition, Professor Klein invited submissions of short essays "on a timely human rights issue that you would wish our membership to read," and notices of upcoming human rights-related conferences.

    Readers of this blog will want to make sure that the AALS Section's newsletter includes highlights of recent human rights work in the U.S. -- for example, the systematic work of human rights clinics to spearhead local human rights resolutions on violence against women  or new scholarly publications focused on human rights and U.S. immigration laws.

    Member submissions to the AALS Section's Newsletter should be made by Monday, November 24, to rklein@tourolaw.edu.    




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