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Sunday, March 19, 2023

A Legislative Cuff around the Pharmaceutical Industry in Pakistan

Shan Ali (Bahria University Islamabad), Hamza Khalid Niazi (Independent), Syed Zaheer Hussain Shah (Bahria University Islamabad), Sadia Tanveer (Independent), A Legislative Cuff around the Pharmaceutical Industry in Pakistan, 8 J. Islamic Countries Soc’y Statistical Sciences 3 (2022):

The profit-oriented pharmaceutical industry, carrying its shady designs beyond ethical considerations, is exploiting the patent rights laws of Pakistan, against the very interests of poverty-stricken people, which is sheer legal opportunism, necessitating a comprehensive set of legal rules under a sincere and holistic approach for the best protection of the right to health and medical transparency. The case study is done to countercheck the effectiveness of judicial precedent combined with relevant legislation on the successful implementation of the International Patent regime in accessibility and availability of medicines. The research also maps out significant strategies to be adopted by Pakistan for the protection of patent rights but not at the expense of grievances caused by pandemics or common person health measures.

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