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Sunday, February 5, 2023

Ukrainian-Slovak Relations in the Context of Ensuring Food Security

Bezpartochny (National Aerospace University), Igor Britchenko (State Higher Vocationa School), Ukrainian-Slovak Relations in the Context of Ensuring Food Security, 12 Kosice Security Revue. 2 (2022):

The article addresses the features of Ukrainian-Slovak relations in the period of the establishment of the countries’ independencies. It analyzes the exports of commodities and agricultural and food products from Ukraine to Slovakia. The dynamics of the change in the parameters of agricultural export in martial law is assessed. Slovakia’s position among the EU countries in terms of agricultural exports from Ukraine is specified. The ways to support Ukrainian agriculture for the EU countries and Slovakia in martial law and to secure the participation of Ukrainian companies in the implementation of investment projects related to the development of export logistics infrastructure are outlined. The article offers prospective directions in the development of Ukrainian-Slovak relations in terms of agricultural export logistics in conditions of the seaport blockade and cross-border cooperation in the framework of existing joint programs. Special attention is paid to the need to introduce alternative logistic routes for agricultural export from Ukraine to Slovakia using the capacities of rail, road, and river transport, multimodal and intermodal shipping, and the creation of modern logistics hubs. The opportunities to attract the EU institutional assistance through Slovakia are examined in the framework of maintaining the food security and support of Ukraine’s agriculture. The need for further development of Ukrainian-Slovak relations in terms of ensuring food security and fostering agricultural exports by inclusion of other EU countries in the logistics chain is emphasized.

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