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Monday, May 16, 2022

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in the Age of COVID-19

Francisco J. Bariffi (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid), Julia M. Puaschunder (Columbia University), Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in the Age of COVID-19, SSRN (2021):

The view that the COVID19 pandemic has set in motion profound changes in our modern societies is practically unanimous. The global effort to contain, cure, and eradicate COVID19 has been greatly benefited by the use, development and/or adaptation of technological tools for mass surveillance based on artificial intelligence and robotics systems. The management of the COVID19 pandemic yet has also revealed many shortcomings generated from the need to make decisions “in extremis”. Systematic lockdowns of entire populations pushed humans to increase exposure to digital devices in order to achieve some sort of social connection. Some nations with the capable technology development used AI systems to access individual digital data in order to control and contain the SARS-CoV-2. Massive surveillance of entire populations is now possible. In this way, the problem arises of how to establish an adequate balance and control between the utility and the results offered by mass surveillance systems based on artificial intelligence and robotics in the fight against COVID19 on the one hand, and the protection of personal and collective fundamental rights and freedoms, on the other.

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