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Sunday, January 30, 2022

Normal as Usual? Human Rights in Times of COVID-19

Dr. Vassilis P Tzevelekos (University of Liverpool), Kanstantsin Dzehtsiarou (University of Liverpool), Normal as Usual? Human Rights in Times of COVID-19, Eur. Conv. on H.R. L. Rev. (2021):

When we started drafting this editorial note, the coronavirus had not yet become a global threat. Our initial plan was to use this note to remind readers of the 50th anniversary in December 2019 of Greece’s withdrawal from the Council of Europe. Withdrawing was a means for the dictators who ruled Greece at that time to avoid the embarrassment of the impending expulsion of Greece from the Council of Europe in the aftermath of the emblematic Greek case. We would then connect the dots between this instance in the history of the Council of Europe and the recent emergence of illiberal democracies in Europe. Our ambition was to ask how the Council of Europe can rise to this new challenge and use its multifaceted apparatus effectively to react and possibly to sanction this alarming phenomenon.

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