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Monday, October 25, 2021

Moral Status and the Architects of Principlism

Francis J. Beckwith (Baylor University), Allison Krile Thornton (University of South Alabama), Moral Status and the Architects of Principlism, 45 J. Med. & Phil., 504-520 (2020):

In this article, we discuss Beauchamp and Childress’s treatment of the issue of moral status. In particular, we (1) introduce the five different perspectives on moral status that Beauchamp and Childress consider in Principles of Biomedical Ethics and explain their alternative to those perspectives, (2) raise some critical questions about their approach, and (3) offer a different way to think about one of the five theories of moral status (the theory based on human properties) that is more in line with what we believe some of its leading advocates affirm.

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