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Thursday, September 16, 2021

The Trolley Problem in Relation to Medical Ethics

Janusz Sytnik-Czetwertyński, The Trolley Problem in Relation to Medical Ethics, SSRN (2021):

The trolley problem, first formulated by Philippa Foot, has become one of the primary tools used to explain the issues surrounding practical ethics, including medical deontology. This dilemma has seen many versions, though in keeping with the context of the original convention, namely a confrontation between absolutist and utilitarian morality. This boils down to an attempt to define the superiority of objective over subjective values, or the other way around.The trolley problem is a very interesting moral problem. Although this is only a product of fantasy, it still contains the source to which refer our way of reasoning. However, today it must be changed in this way, to suits to the present reality and be consistent with the latest scientific achievements.Above was presented such a proposal, taking into account the latest achievements of the theoretical sciences (including the humanities, especially philosophy) as well as the practical sciences. In this way, the trolley problem becomes a problem, which refer to the current moral reflections and present social relations.

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