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Friday, April 16, 2021

Euthanasia in the Side of Theological View

David Ming (Bandung Theological School), Euthanasia in the Side of Theological View, 3 Kerugma (2020):

Everyone can comment on life and death as the saying written by Goerge Arnold, but that does not mean that everyone can comment on living people being invited to be killed. A person's death is not a human right to determine it but God, the Creator and Protector of the whole nature, including humans who have been planned in the line of life and death. Therefore, when euthanasia arises between the medical and legal circles, then this is not something that can be forced to exist, especially as long as it is discussed without having a strong and clear basis. The author will explain what is Euthanasia ?, the question of Euthanasia's historical problems, the pros and cons of euthanasia, and Euthanasia's theological criticism. The author uses a descriptive method of literature and gets research results as follows: Viewed from the aspect of human rights is a moral breakdown that needs to be evaluated again whether euthanasia is in accordance with human rights values because human rights values essentially deny the existence of euthanasia.

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