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Saturday, January 23, 2021

Knowledge, Belief, and Moral Psychology

John Mikhail (Georgetown University), Knowledge, Belief, and Moral Psychology, Beh. & Brain Sci. (Forthcoming):

This short essay is an invited commentary on “Knowledge before Belief” by Jonathan Phillips, Wesley Buckwalter, Fiery Cushman, Ori Friedman, Alia Martin, John Turri, Laurie Santos, and Joshua Knobe (forthcoming in Behavioral and Brain Sciences). Here is the 60-word abstract: Phillips et al. make a strong case that knowledge representations should play a larger role in cognitive science. Their arguments are reinforced by comparable efforts to place moral knowledge, rather than moral beliefs, at the heart of a naturalistic moral psychology. Conscience, Kant’s synthetic a priori, and knowledge attributions in the law all point in a similar direction.

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