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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Published This Week

Jorge L. Contreras, Constructing the Genome Commons, Governing Knowledge Commons 99 (Oxford Univ. Press, U.S. 2014).

Michael Frakes, Matthew Frank, Seth A. Seabury, Do Physicians Respond to Liability Standards?, J. of Institutional & Theoretical Econ. (Forthcoming).

Valerie Gutmann Koch, A Policy in Flux: New York State's Evolving Approach to Human Subjects Research Involving Individuals Who Lack Consent Capacity, 42 of Law, Med. & Ethics (2014).

Maxwell Mehlman, Tracy Yeheng Li, Ethical, Legal, Social, and Policy Issues in the Use of Genomic Technology by the U.S. Military, J. of L. & the Biosciences (Forthcoming).

Elizabeth Chika Tippett, Medical Advice from Lawyers: An Empirical Analysis of Mass Tort Advertising, 41 Am. J. of L. & Med. (2015).

Scott Burris, A Technical Guide for Policy Surveillance, SSRN.

Omar Ha-Redeye, Corporate Social Responsibility as a Driver for Addressing Global Pharmaceutical Inequalities, 3 Global Citizenship Dig. 17 (2014).

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