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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Intriguing Concept: On-Line Objective Data for Comparisons in Senior Living Options

Katherine C. Pearson over at Elder Law Prof Blog writes about a new on-line web page that provides objective data for comparisons in senior living options:

Part of my recent legal research and writing focuses on state regulation, accountability, and resident rights at Continuing Care Retirement Communities or CCRCs.  In one of my early articles I wrote about  what I thought might be a niche for elder law attorneys who could advise prospective CCRC residents about the ins and outs of CCRCs, particularly on contracting issues. 

Turns out a Financial Planner and CPA have decided to make a business out of offering advice to consumers on CCRCs. Recently I had the chance to talk to Brad Breeding (the financial planner) and Ken Taylor (the accountant).  The idea started when they were getting questions from clients about CCRCs near their base in North Carolina and realized there was a wider consumer market for critical information. In 2009 they started working on a web-based consulting tool for prospective CCRC residents and others who are thinking about retirement options.  

The resulting company is LifeSite Logics, offering "a central database of objective data" about CCRCs across the country.  Sounds like Brad and Ken have the start on a strong data set, and are already offering comparable data on several hundred CCRCs.  The search price is about $40. Most important, the two seem determined to stay objective about their data points; they report they aren't backed by any CCRC operators or developers.     

In addition, their LifeSite Logics website offers some free background and educational documents on CCRCS, including some information on contract (A, B, C or "other")  types. 

I have to say I've often thought "A, B & C"  labels are potentially confusing to the public.  This is  especially true for the financial risks assoicated with "refundable fee" contracts which may  look to the average consumer like "life-care" contracts that are usually associated with the "A" label, but are closer to "Type C" fee-for-service contracts when carefully analyzed.  Further, these letters are not "grades" for the facilities or contract types, another point of potential confusion.


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